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entry ticket to harukas 300-7
entry ticket to harukas 300-1
entry ticket to harukas 300-2
entry ticket to harukas 300-3
entry ticket to harukas 300-4
entry ticket to harukas 300-5
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Entry Ticket to HARUKAS 300

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You can cancel these tickets up to 24 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund.

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  • Get stunning views of Osaka from Abeno Harukas 300 observatory deck and consider upgrading your ticket to include a Helicopter tour around Japan's tallest building for spectacular views.
  • Enjoy sweeping views of Osaka at the height of 300 meters from the Harukas 300 observatory.
  • Zoom up to the 58th and 60th floors with the lift accessible via an elevator from the 16th floor.
    Marvel at the stellar views of Osaka through expansive floor-to-ceiling glass panels from the 60th floor.
  • Take a stroll in the Sky Garden which features a wooden deck or get your fix of caffeine in the cafe on the same floor.
  • For shopping lovers, Harukas accompanies Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Department Store, one of the largest department stores in Japan.
  • Tip: Check out the Depachika or the basement food floor of the Kintetsu Department Store, which has an amazing variety of Japanese specialty food items.
  • You must purchase an Observatory Ticket to join Heliport Tour.
  • Participants must be aged 4+ to participate in Heliport Tour.
  • Heliport Tours are filled on a first-come, first-served basis so it is recommended to come 15 mins earlier to register yourself at the Information Counter on the 60th floor.
  • Please note: This offer is not available for Japanese passport holders.
  • These tickets are open-dated with a validity of 60 days after purchase.
    • Entry is free for children aged 0-3.
    • Children and youths aged 4-17 can purchase discounted tickets. It can be purchased on-site at the ticket office.
  • You can cancel these tickets up to 24 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund.
OsakaHARUKAS 300

Harukas 300 | Osaka's Iconic Skyscraper with a View to Remember

Osaka is a city that serves a delightful cocktail of the past and the present. Amidst its vibrant streets stands the remarkable Harukas 300. While it once held the title of Japan's tallest, even today, it's an emblem of Osaka's grandeur and ambition. This skyscraper isn't just about stature, but it's a testament to the city's dynamic blend of commerce, art, and modernity. Climb its heights, and you're rewarded with a mesmerizing panorama that captures the heartbeat of this unique city. On this page, you'll find ticket options, fascinating trivia about this architectural wonder, and tidbits to ensure a memorable visit.

Why Visit Harukas 300?

Harukas 300 Tickets
  • Unrivaled Views: The Harukas Observatory offers an unparalleled vantage point over Osaka, allowing you to gaze upon a breathtaking cityscape, stretching from the urban jungles to the distant horizons.
  • Architectural Marvel: Beyond its height, its unique design blends modern aesthetics with functionality, making it a standout even in a city studded with skyscrapers.
  • Art and Culture Hub: The tower hosts the Osaka Abeno Harukas Art Museum, connecting visitors with contemporary art and culture in a setting that's literally above the rest.
  • Gastronomic Delight: With eateries that serve both local and international cuisines, dining at Harukas 300 means savoring delicious bites with a side of the skyline.
  • Sky Garden Experience: The open-air observation deck is not just about sights but sounds and breezes, creating an immersive experience of being one with the city's pulse.
  • Central Location: Situated in the heart of Osaka, it serves as a perfect starting point or pit-stop as you explore the city's many wonders.

Your Harukas 300 Ticket Option Explained

Harukas 300 Tickets

Discounted Harukas 300 Tickets

  • Tickets are free for children aged 0-3. 
  • Children and youths aged 4-17 can purchase discounted tickets.
  • Note: Please procure these tickets at the venue.

Cancelation Policy

This ticket can be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund.

Harukas 300 Highlights

Harukas 300 Tickets

Views from the 60th Floor

See Osaka like never before from 300 meters up! Gaze at the city’s panorama from the Harukas observatory and let your eyes feast on the majestic landscape unfolding beneath you.

Harukas 300 Tickets

Sky Garden 300's Heavenly Sips

Enjoy a coffee at Sky Café, where every sip comes with expansive city views, enveloped by drifting clouds and a serene, lofty ambiance.

Harukas 300 Tickets

A Shopper’s Paradise

Experience exceptional shopping at Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Department Store! A multitude of floors presents a world of fabulous finds and stunning retail experiences.

Osaka at night from Harukas 300

Osaka in the Night

Behold Osaka sparkling as day turns to night, with the city lights charmingly twinkling beneath the starlit skies in a delightful, luminous display.

The Sky Elevator at Harukas 300

Zoom Up with the Sky Elevator

Shoot up to the skies! The speedy elevator ride to the top is a quick, exhilarating leap into a world above the clouds.

Harukas Art Museum

Harukas Art Museum’s Cultural Journey

Step into a rich world of art and history at the Harukas Art Museum, blending tradition and modernity in every vibrant exhibit.

The view from Abeno Harukas, Osaka

Helicopter Adventures in the Sky

Soar around Harukas 300 in a helicopter, where every moment in the air brings new, breathtaking views of the pulsating city below.

Plan Your Visit To Harukas 300

Harukas 300 Location
Visitor Tips
Food & Drinks
Nearby Attractions
Harukas 300 timings
Harukas 300 Location

Address: 1-chōme-1-43 Abenosuji, Abeno Ward, Osaka, 545-0052, Japan. Find on maps.

How to get there

  • By Train: Directly connected to Osaka Abenobashi Station on the Kintetsu Minami Osaka Line. A short walk from Tennoji Station which is serviced by the JR, Osaka Metro, and Hankai Tramway.
  • By Bus: Several city buses stop at Tennoji Station, which is a brief walk away from Harukas 300. Airport limousine buses from Kansai International Airport and Osaka International Airport also stop at Tennoji Station.
  • By Car: There are parking facilities available in the Abeno Harukas building itself. Take the Hanshin Expressway Route 13 Higashi-Osaka Line and use the Tennoji exit, which is in close proximity to Harukas 300.
The Facilities at Harukas 300
  • Observation Deck: Expansive indoor and outdoor viewing areas that offer panoramic vistas of Osaka.
  • Sky Garden: An open-air platform on the 58th floor, allowing visitors to enjoy the ambiance of being in the open at a significant height.
  • Free Wi-Fi Zones: Ensuring visitors stay connected and can share their experiences in real-time.
  • Restaurants & Cafés: Gourmet dining options with views, including eateries like Sky Garden 300.
  • Shopping Area: Access to Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Department Store, offering a vast array of shopping options.
  • Audio Guides: Available for tourists, offering insights in multiple languages about the views and the building itself.
  • Wheelchair Accessibility: Harukas 300 is equipped with ramps and elevators, ensuring smooth mobility for all visitors.
  • Luggage Lockers: Handy for tourists, allowing them to securely store their belongings while exploring the observatory and surrounding areas.
Rules at Harukas 300
  • No Smoking: The entire facility, including the Sky Garden, is designated as a non-smoking area.
  • No Tripods: While photography is encouraged, the use of tripods, monopods, or similar equipment is not allowed on the observation decks.
  • Pets: Only service animals are permitted inside the observatory. Regular pets are not allowed.
  • No Drones: Flying drones within or around Harukas 300 is strictly prohibited for safety reasons.
  • Dress Code: Visitors are requested to be appropriately dressed and to avoid wearing anything that might be considered offensive.
  • Food & Drink: Outside food and beverages are not permitted. Only items purchased within the building can be consumed.
  • Safety Measures: Follow all safety guidelines, especially in open areas like the Sky Garden, and avoid leaning or climbing over barriers.
  • Respect Others: Maintain decorum and be considerate, ensuring that all visitors can enjoy their experience without disturbance.
Visitor Tips for Harukas 300
  • Visit During Off-Peak Times: To avoid large crowds, consider visiting on weekdays or during non-holiday periods. Early mornings or late evenings tend to be quieter.
  • Weather Check: Before heading out, check the weather forecast. Clear days will offer the best panoramic views of Osaka and beyond.
  • Footwear Matters: You might be on your feet for a while, so wear comfortable shoes to ensure you can explore at ease.
  • Stay Charged: Bring a fully charged camera or smartphone. You wouldn’t want to miss out on capturing those mesmerizing views!
  • Look Out for Special Events: Harukas 300 often hosts seasonal events or illuminations, adding extra charm to the visit.
  • Dine with a View: Consider timing your visit around a mealtime. The restaurants in Harukas 300 offer delectable cuisines with a side of breathtaking vistas.
  • Plan Further Exploration: With its central location, Harukas 300 is a great starting point for exploring other attractions in Osaka. Have a city map handy!
Food & Drinks at Harukas 300
  • SKY GARDEN 300: Located Inside Harukas 300. Cuisine: Modern Japanese. Menu Highlights: Tempura assortments, premium wagyu beef dishes, fresh sashimi platters, and seasonal vegetable delicacies.
  • Abeno Harukas Dining: Located on various floors in the Abeno Harukas building. Cuisine: A collection of restaurants serving Japanese, Western, and other Asian cuisines. Menu Highlights: Sushi, teppanyaki, ramen, Italian pastas, and Chinese dim sum.
  • Matsusakagyu Yakiniku M: Located near Tennoji Station, a short walk from Harukas 300. Cuisine: Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ). Menu Highlights: Premium Matsusaka beef cuts grilled to perfection, served with an assortment of dipping sauces.
  • Ramen Chonmage Osaka Tenroku: Located near Tennoji Station. Cuisine: Ramen. Menu Highlights: Rich tonkotsu broth, garlic-infused ramen, and spicy variants.
Nearby Attractions
  • Tennoji Zoo: Distance: Approx. 0.5 km from Harukas 300.
    An expansive urban zoo home to a diverse range of animals from across the globe.
  • Shitenno-ji Temple: Distance: Approx. 1.5 km from Harukas 300.
    Japan's oldest officially administered Buddhist temple with a rich history dating back to 593 AD.
  • Tsutenkaku Tower: Distance: Approx. 1.8 km from Harukas 300.
    An iconic tower in Osaka, often seen as its symbol, offering panoramic views and steeped in history.
  • Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine: Distance: Approx. 4 km from Harukas 300.
    One of Japan's oldest shrines, showcasing unique architectural features and a serene atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions About Harukas 300 Tickets

How can I purchase tickets for Harukas 300?

You can snag tickets either onsite at Harukas 300's counter or online. The online option often has exclusive offers!

What are the ticket options for Harukas 300?

Currently, only the standard entry ticket is available. You can purchase it online here.

Are there any discounts available for certain age groups?

Absolutely! Kids, seniors, and even larger groups can snag discounted rates. Be sure to check the age criteria when purchasing.

Can I get a refund or cancel my ticket?

Yes, you can cancel the standard entry ticket free of charge up to 24 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund.

Can I upgrade or change my ticket type once at Harukas 300?

Certainly! If you fancy a unique experience, you can upgrade your ticket to include a Helicopter tour.

What's the least crowded time to visit?

Mid-morning on weekdays is your best bet. Plus, you might catch some exclusive weekday offers!

How long should I spend at Harukas 300?

Around 2-3 hours should suffice to soak in the views and the ambiance. However, if you're an art lover, budget extra time for the museum.

Are there restrictions on photography inside Harukas 300?

Snap away! But remember, tripods and drones are a no-go for safety reasons.

Is it worth visiting Harukas 300?

Without a doubt! Harukas 300 is a unique blend of panoramic views, art appreciation, and a taste of Osaka's modern essence.