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What is TeamLab Botanical Garden?

Fall in love with the fusion of art and nature at TeamLab Botanical Garden nestled in Osaka's urban landscape. Established within Nagai Park, which dates back to 1944, this innovative attraction opened its doors in 1974. 

Featuring a diverse array of flora that evolves with the changing seasons, creating a dynamic environment year-round. Watch the serene lake, gardens, and thriving ecosystem of a variety of wild birds. TeamLab Botanical Garden lets you grab a unique opportunity to immerse in the harmonious coexistence of nature and human creativity, making it a must-visit destination in Osaka.

Things to see at teamLab Botanical Garden

Life is Continuous Light - Bald Cypress

Experience the enchanting beauty of the cypresses linking the entrance of Nagai Botanical Garden to Oike Lake, emitting radiant light. As you pass by, the cypresses shine brighter and emit harmonious tones, creating a mesmerizing symphony of light and sound. This interactive installation fosters a heightened awareness of shared space, inviting contemplation and connection with others.

Floating Resonating Lamps on Oike Lake - Ambiguous Colors

Marvel at the ethereal sight of floating lamps on Oike Lake, each autonomously changing color and emitting tones in response to movement and wind. Witness as the light and sound cascade from lamp to lamp, extending to the surrounding trees. This captivating installation enhances awareness of communal presence, blurring the boundaries between individuals in the serene setting of the lake.

Sculptures of Dissipative Birds in the Wind

Engage with giant sculptures representing the continuous exchange of energy between birds and their environment. As birds fly, they influence the surrounding air, symbolizing the interconnectedness of life and its surroundings. Experience the dynamic flow of energy as the wind blows and birds soar, merging present moments with memories in this immersive digital artwork.

Camellia Garden with Transforming Ovoids

Explore a camellia garden adorned with ovoids that undergo remarkable transformations from day to night. Witness their reflective surfaces under the sun and their luminous glow as night falls. Interact with these ovoids to evoke tones and light, triggering a cascade of responses from neighboring ovoids. Immerse yourself in the ever-changing spectacle of color and sound.

Forest of Autonomous Resonating Life - Eucalyptus

Step into the Eucalyptus park and encounter a mesmerizing display of autonomous ovoids of light. These ovoids respond to interaction, changing color and emitting specific tones as visitors push or the wind blows them. Experience a symphony of light and sound as the surrounding ovoids resonate and respond in harmony, fostering a shared awareness of space and presence.

Spatial Calligraphy in the Forest - One Stroke, Secondary Forest

A captivating display of spatial calligraphy is drawn within the forest. This continuous and unicursal artwork intersects and rotates in multiple layers before gradually disappearing. Experience the depth and power of brush strokes reconstructed in three-dimensional space, evoking a sense of fluidity and movement within the natural surroundings.

Universe of Fire Particles in the Forest - Secondary Forest

Witness the ever-changing flames of the Universe of Fire Particles, influenced by a dark and absolute presence. Flames, representing both light and heat, shift and transform within the forest, creating a mesmerizing visual experience. Explore the concept of Distributed Art by igniting flames through a smartphone application, connecting with others, and spreading the flame worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions about teamLab Botanical Garden

What is the teamLab Botanical Garden?

The teamLab Botanical Garden is an immersive art installation nestled within Nagai Park in Osaka, Japan. It seamlessly blends digital art with natural surroundings, creating a unique sensory experience.

Why should I visit teamLab Botanical Garden?

Exploring teamLab Botanical Garden is like stepping into a magical world where art and nature come together. You can interact with exhibitions while surrounded by greenery. It’s a new digital way to connect with nature.

What can I do at teamLab Botanical Garden?

At teamLab Botanical Garden, you can check out exhibitions like "Life is Continuous Light - Bald Cypress" and "Floating Resonating Lamps on Oike Lake." They can also take peaceful walks along garden paths and enjoy the beauty of Nagai Park's natural surroundings.

When did teamLab Botanical Garden open?

teamLab Botanical Garden opened its doors in 1974, offering visitors a unique blend of art and nature for over four decades.

What’s inside teamLab Botanical Garden?

Inside teamLab Botanical Garden, you'll find a mix of amazing interactive digital art installations, beautiful garden landscapes, and stunning natural scenery.

What is the best time to visit teamLab Botanical Garden?

The best time to visit teamLab Botanical Garden is typically on weekdays to avoid crowds. Additionally, spring and autumn offer pleasant weather and beautiful scenery.

Where is teamLab Botanical Garden?

teamLab Botanical Garden is located within Nagai Park in Osaka, Japan.

Is teamLab Botanical Garden wheelchair accessible?

Yes, teamLab Botanical Garden is wheelchair accessible, ensuring everyone can enjoy the immersive experience. However, some of the artworks may be inaccessible for safety reasons.

What other attractions are near teamLab Botanical Garden?

Nearby attractions include the Osaka Museum of Natural History and other facilities within Nagai Park, offering visitors additional opportunities for exploration and enjoyment.